image Why do we keep speaking of this “third eye”, you might wonder?
It’s not just ‘cause we have this incredibly cool monster with 3 eyes. The third eye is actually really important for your spiritual well-being. Also known as the inner eye or the eye of knowledge, it is often associated with intuition, visions, predictions, and out-of-body experiences. Pretty cool, huh? Furthermore, it is the path to higher consciousness and states of enlightenment - which is, in a way, not much different from what you experience at Carnival Party! :)

So while waiting for nirvana and CP, check http://www.carnivalparty.com/avatar. CP only wants what’s best for you, so in order to help you open your third eye we prepared a nice little pack full of goodies. Play with your Facebook profile pic a bit, and tag Carnivalus Particus - the most creative enlightened monsters will win a free entry to one of the afterparties!



image In the last couple of days, CP headquarters have been overflowed with mixes from young aspiring DJs shooting for the stars. Some were techno, some were minimal, one was proggy, many were good, a couple were bad, one was just plain wtf, one was almost-there, and one was well, amazing. Our heartfelt congratulations go to MISS KIKY, the well-deserved winner of the CP10 DJ Contest! As promised, the big players/tent/free booze/groupies await you on the 13th Feb!
We wish you the best of luck in your superstar career!


CP IS 10!

Carnival Party is 10! Once again, the Carnival spirit takes over the city for three whole days, mixing positive vibes and surreal atmosphere into a unique experience to be found only in Rijeka.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary we are giving away some of the best cutting-edge bands, DJs and VJs of the current music Zeitgeist. But music is just one part of CP - true to its roots, Carnival Party invites you to use your creativity, open your third eye, and put on your best costume to mark the first decade of CP in style!



iDJ magazine

Carnival Party 2009 was featured in iDJ - International DJ magazine.
Download : page1, page2


CP9 (Blurry) Video Report!

A little reminder of CP9 ...we got all emo, hope you will too! <3 Made by Massimo Mucchiut and Ana Radoslović.